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          專業噴砂機 專注表面處理兼營各種噴砂耗材及零部件


          Shanghai Express professional sand blasting machine, shot blasting machine and other related products sales and services. Products are widely used in electronics, toys, electrical appliances, automobiles, medical treatment, transportation and communication equipment, hardware and other industries. Tel: 13681768829


          Multi domain coverage

          02Multi domain coverage

          Covering areas, electronics, automobile, computer, electrical and other industries.

          Improve the service system

          03Improve the service system

          There is a perfect customer service system. Provide high quality service to customers.


          Founded in 2006, the company is located in Shanghai, the economic center of China. The main products include: sand blasting equipment, shot blasting cleaning equipment, environmental protection and dust removal equipment, grinding equipment, coating equipment and more than 100 kinds of products, and also various sand blasting consumables and parts, which are widely used in surface treatment of stainless steel products, molds, hydraulic parts, medical devices, electronic industry, weapons industry, automobile, motorcycle, hardware accessories and other industries.


          • Estimation of expected working capacity of Kunshan sandblasting machine

            The liquid sandblasting machine takes the grinding fluid pump as the feeding power of the grinding fluid, and transmits the evenly stirred grinding fluid (the mixture of abrasive and water) to the spray gun through the grinding fluid pump. As the acceleration power of the grinding fluid, compressed air enters the spray gun through the gas transmission pipe. In the spray gun, the compressed air ac...

          • How to control the pressure of Shanghai sandblasting machine

            When the sandblasting machine is carrying out the sandblasting work, it needs to convert the pressure brought by the air compressor into the impact force to achieve the effect of surface treatment. But for the workpiece with different processing requirements, the pressure required by the sandblasting machine is also different, so in order to make the effect processed by the sandblasting machin...

          • Advantages of automatic Kunshan sandblasting machine

            With the continuous improvement of sandblasting equipment, many enterprises have begun to use automatic sandblasting machine. Automatic sandblasting machine can complete the work of filling and sandblasting by itself, which not only saves the labor cost, but also saves the time cost. But this is only a small part of the advantages of the automatic sandblasting machine. It has many other advantages...

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          Discussion on different derusting methods of Kunshan sandblasting machine

          There are some oxide skin, old coating and rust on the surface of some workpieces that affect the normal production process of workpieces, so it is necessary to use a sandblasting machine to sandblast the surface of workpieces. The derusting work of sandblasting machine is the most commonly used surface treatment of sandblasting machine, but we have different sandblasting methods to deal with di...

          Design idea of propeller paint stripping sandblasting machine

          Due to the long-term operation of aircraft propeller under high load, the surface accuracy requirements are very high, so we designed the sandblasting machine to adopt suction dry sandblasting. The suction type dry sand blasting machine is a negative pressure formed in the spray gun by the high-speed movement of air flow with the power of compressed air. The abrasive is sucked into the spray gun t...

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