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          Factors to be considered in choosing pressure sandblasting machine


          We can see from the name of pressure sandblasting machine that the main cleaning method of pressure sandblasting machine depends on its pressure. However, when some special parts are encountered, it is impossible to clean the stains on the surface of the parts by using the general sandblasting machine. It is necessary to clean the surface of the parts with the help of certain pressure. However, in order to achieve the expected effect, it is also necessary to select the right pressure sandblasting machine. It can not be as simple as ordinary sandblasting machine. So in order to choose the right pressure sandblasting machine, today's Suzhou small sandblasting machine will share with you how to choose the right pressure sandblasting machine in Shanghai Factors to consider.

          1. First of all, consider the use of this high-pressure sandblasting machine.

          2. Secondly, the minimum operating pressure required by the design of the high-pressure sandblasting machine shall be considered.

          3. The operation efficiency can not only compare the nominal horsepower and air volume on the catalogue, but also focus on the actual "performance curve" and "air volume per horse".

          4. According to different quality of gas, different types and grades of dryers and precision filters should be selected and configured. If the quality is too good, energy will be wasted. If the quality is not enough, the process will be affected. Therefore, careful consideration should be given.


          5. Peak and off peak air demand. If the difference between the maximum and minimum operating pressure is up to 3bar, the "high and low pressure shunt" must be considered, and then different types of air compressors should be selected according to the load changes of peak and off peak, such as "base load" using centrifugal (single machine > 75cmm) or spiral (single machine < 60cmm): "variable load" using high-pressure air machine and large gas storage barrel.



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