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          Precautions for using liquid sand blasting machine in Shanghai


          The working mode of the liquid sandblasting machine is mainly to place the sandblasting abrasive in water, and then transport the mixture of the sandblasting abrasive and water to the spray gun through the action of compressed air, and then carry out the sandblasting work. While the liquid sandblasting machine may also be due to the presence of water, so the dust generated by the liquid sandblasting machine is also very small when it is working, but even so, when we use the liquid sandblasting machine, in order to ensure the normal use of the liquid sandblasting machine, we need to pay attention to the following matters when using:

          1. Precautions before using the liquid sandblasting machine:

          Connect the air source and power supply required by the sandblasting machine, and turn on the relevant switches. Adjust the air pressure of the spray gun as required. Slowly add Abrasives into the machine compartment, and do not rush to avoid blocking.

          2. Precautions during the use of liquid sandblasting machine:

          When the sandblasting machine stops working, the power supply and air source must be cut off. Check the safety of all parts and components. It is forbidden to drop foreign matters into the sandblasting machine bin, so as to avoid direct damage to the sandblasting machine. The surface of processed workpiece must be dry.

          Note: it is forbidden to start compressed air without fixing or holding the spray gun!


          3. Operation process of sandblasting machine after use

          In case of urgent need to stop processing, press the emergency stop button switch, and the sandblasting machine will stop working. Cut off the power and air supply to the machine. In order to shut down the machine after shift handover, first clean the workpiece and turn off the switches of each spray gun; Shanghai sandblasting machine cleans the abrasives attached to the working table, the inner wall of sandblasting chamber and the mesh plate to make them flow back to the separator. Shut down the dedusting unit. Turn off the power switch on the electrical box.

          4. Replace abrasives of sandblasting machine

          Thoroughly clean the abrasives attached to the working surface, the inner wall of the sandblasting gun and the mesh plate to make them flow back to the separator. Open the plug at the bottom of the sand control valve to collect the abrasive into a container. Add new abrasives to the cabin as required, but start the fan first.



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